Looking at Pharma PR from a Different Perspective 

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Pharma Media Bias: Does Balanced Media Coverage Exist?

In February, fellow blogger Rich Meyer (@richmeyer) expressed his views on how the pharmaceutical industry got the short end of the stick from the media (see “Bad journalism paints unfair picture of pharma industry“) in a Hufftington Post story titled, Auction 2012: How Drug Companies Game Washington.  Shortly after, John Mack (@pharmaguy), another fellow blogger,


The Perceived Value of Pharma PR – Do You Have to Demonstrate it or Just Ask For it to be Recognized?

Earlier this week, the Healthcare Communications Association (HCA), a UK-based not-for-profit group with the mission of representing excellence in healthcare communications, released a report named “Race to the bottom” Is Healthcare Communications putting its own future at risk?. The Findings While primarily focused on EU agencies, the findings of this 2010-2011 benchmarking survey were interesting


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